The “ex-gay” industry keeps getting more outlandish by the day. In its latest publicity stunt, New Jersey Family Policy Council spokesmanquinlan and and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) President, Greg Quinlan, are trying to reframe a New Jersey bill to stop “ex-gay” therapists from harming youth as the “Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act.”

This is a very odd way to cast the bill, considering:

1) It will do absolutely nothing to stop victims of sexual abuse from receiving legitimate therapy

2) Ex-gay counselors create an unhealthy and dangerous environment for people dealing with sexual abuse. Such “therapists” often blame a person’s sexual orientation on sexual abuse, even though science has long established that this does not cause one to become gay or straight.

The radical extremism of Quinlan, who once referred to gay people as “limp wristed flaming faggots,” is seen in the sub-headline of his press release, “New Jersey Creating Victims Just Like Jerry Sandusky Did.” Such hyperbole suggests an untethering from reality and highlights the dishonest discourse of those who oppose this bill.

In a particularly ironic move, the attempt to rebrand the issue using Sandusky is being led by International Healing Foundation staffer, Christopher Doyle, who has his own history with minors. According to his own testimony on PFOX’s website:

“I tried to have sex with the little girls that my mother watched in her daycare, and eventually, one of the girls told her parents what I was doing. The shame that was placed on me by my parents was more than I could bear. Rather than rescue me, teach me, and put me in counseling, the ‘bad boy’ was left alone to deal with all of this shame.”

Here is the press release that is on IHF’s site:

Press Advisory
Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act
New Jersey Creating Victims Just Like Jerry Sandusky Did

Trenton, NJ, May 2, 2013 – Citizens Against the Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act, also known as Senate Bill 2278, will hold a press conference on May 6, 2013 at the State House Building in Trenton, NJ (Room #209) to announce major developments in the fight to stop this destructive legislation, which threatens to further harm victims of sexual abuse from Pedophiles such as Jerry Sandusky, who seek to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions with the help of licensed mental health providers.

Time: May 6, 2013 @ 11:30 AM, EST
Location: New Jersey State House Building
125 West State Street
Trenton, NJ, 08625
Room #209

Yes, the so-called “ex-gays” have a message that is as inaccurate as it is incoherent.