Friends and supporters of Truth Wins Out in Los Angeles and southern California are encouraged to attend a presentation by TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen next week in the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s Renberg Theatre on September 26, 2012 from 7-8pm. The event, which is co-hosted by the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and the Los Angeles chapter of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, will immediately be followed by a reception from 8-9:30pm in the courtyard and gallery.

During his multi-media presentation, Wayne will introduce equality supporters to the work of Truth Wins Out, reveal the damage caused by programs that claim to turn gay people straight through prayer and therapy, and discuss why it’s so important for LGBT people and their allies to continue pushing back hard against religious extremism. Wayne’s presentation also offers a unique, innovative, and entertaining look behind the mask of so-called “ex-gay” programs. In 2000, Besen photographed Exodus “ex-gay” poster boy John Paulk in a gay bar in Washington, DC and helped expose the late Rev. Jerry Falwell’s personal “ex-gay” activist Michael Johnston as a fraud. More recently, he was the architect of the sting operation in which TWO’s John Becker went undercover and proved for the first time that the clinic run by Marcus Bachmann, husband of former presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann, practices “ex-gay” therapy.

Audiences will learn the history of “ex-gay” groups, the bizarre techniques they use, and the political players that finance their ignoble efforts.

Now more than ever, as the push for LGBT rights picks up across the country, opponents of equality are doubling down with their attacks on our community. Help support TWO and our efforts to fight back by attending Wayne’s presentation next week in Los Angeles! RSVP on Facebook by clicking here.