By Fred Karger, GOP Presidential Candidate

We are now certain based on much evidence that the National Organizationfor Marriage (NOM) was created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) in 2008 to qualify and pass California’s Proposition 8. Setting up the NOM is exactly what the Mormon Church has done in many other anti-gay marriage election going back to Hawaii in 1996 when the Mormon Church set up “Hawaii’s Future Today” as a front group to hide its involvement in the country’s first anti-gay marriage election in Hawaii. We have the official Mormon Church documents to prove it and have posted them for all to read at:

NOM – Mormon Church Connections

As the founder and President of Rights Equal Rights (formerly Californians Against Hate) we followed the money on Prop 8 all the way to the Mormon Church HQ in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Mormon Church continuously denied its massive involvement in the narrow passage of Prop 8, but the findings of the California Fair Political Practices Commission proved otherwise. After an 18 month investigation the Mormon Church was prosecuted, pled guilty and was fined on 13 counts of election fraud for all its illegal activities on Prop 8.

NOM – Rick Santorum Connection

Maggie Gallagher was NOM’s founding President in 2007. Two years ago Maggie was kicked upstairs by Executive Director Brian Brown who then assumed her job as President. Last year Brown managed to get rid of Maggie altogether.

Now Maggie is at some other “nonprofit” spewing her hate and writing more columns than ever. Maggie endorsed Rick Santorum for President many months ago. That is the same Rick Santorum who is very close to NOM and its Board. Santorum even helped raise money for NOM by sending out direct mail
fundraising solicitations before he became a candidate for president. Maggie and Santorum have always been close, but this must put a tremendous strain between Gallagher and the Mormon Church.

Since NOM refuses to report its donors, we can only assume that the Mormon Church and its affluent members are still helping to fund the $20 million that NOM spends each year.

NOM – Mormon Church Fallout?

So how does Maggie get away with it? Has there been a fallout between NOM and the Mormon Church? Has the Mormon Church backed away from NOM? Does the Mormon Church want to stay out of any controversy while Mitt Romney is running for President? NOM is after all under investigation by the Ethics Commission and Attorney General of Maine for money laundering. Is there still the “Mormon” seat on NOM’s Board that was formerly filled by Matthew S. Holland (son of Mormon Apostle Jeffrey Holland) and is now held by Mormon science fiction Orson Scott Card.

So how about it Maggie, we know that you are soul mates with Rick Santorum, but now that he is running neck and neck with Romney don’t you at least have to watch your overt support of Santorum?

Is NOM Doing Illegal Fundraising for Santorum??

One other question, Maggie. I have been getting email solicitations from you to give money to Rick Santorum’s campaign for President. Coincidentally it is to the same email address that I receive all NOM’s email alerts. I hope that NOM a 501(c)4 corporation did not turn over its entire email list to you for your Santorum fundraising, because that would be a violation of our federal election

Come clean, Maggie. Once and for all: tell us the truth about where the millions and millions of NOM money comes from.