WayneRachelToday, I’m going to make a rare and radical request.

I’m going to ask you directly for an end of year tax-deductible donation to Truth Wins Out based on the unique idea of rewarding RESULTS.

In 2011, Truth Wins Out has had some amazing accomplishments:

  • TWO exposed Marcus Bachmann and proved that he lied when he claimed his quack clinic didn’t practice “ex-gay” therapy. Our investigation gained national attention including, ABC World News, Nightline, Good Morning America, the Today Show, and the New York Times. Can you think of another LGBT organization that would have gone undercover to prove that Marcus Bachmann practices “ex-gay” therapy?
  • TWO launched a petition drive collecting 160,000 signatures that persuaded Apple Inc. to nix Exodus International’s “ex-gay” iPhone app targeting youth.
  • TWO broke the story of Saturday Night Live comedian Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant at a Nashville comedy club. The incident quickly became a major story that led to Morgan publicly apologizing.
  • TWO undermined the “ex-gay” myth by holding educational seminars at universities including: University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, North Dakota State University, Concordia College, University of Nebraska, Oklahoma State University, Oregon State University, West Virginia University, and University of Alabama.
  • TWO fought back against Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George when he compared the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan. We placed a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune and launched a petition drive calling on George to resign.

Investigating and exposing anti-LGBT extremism and the “ex-gay” industry takes money. We can only continue to undermine these groups in 2012 with your kindness and generosity.  Truth Wins Out is a unique organization and deserves your support because we uncover original information – and then we know how to turn it into action.  Few other groups have the capacity to monitor anti-gay organizations and then make them pay dearly when damning data is found.

I’m not asking you to fund pie-in-the sky promises, a fancy mission statement, or a slick brochure to tell you what we plan to do. I’m asking you to invest in an organization that has had a tremendously successful year in activism.

In a world full of broken promises and disappointing politicians – Truth Wins Out stands out because it has delivered. We are having an impact, making a difference and providing tangible results in front of your eyes.

Please help us make 2012 as productive and successful as 2011. If you can donate $25, please do so today. If you would like to offer a substantial investment in our future, $250 or $1,000, or more, please do so.

Without your help, the “ex-gay” industry and religious extremists will continue their dishonest and destructive ways and not be held accountable. With your assistance, we will keep exposing these charlatans and hypocrites for the scam artists that they truly are.

At Truth Wins Out, we do exactly what we say we are going to do. We believe that results matter and should be rewarded.

Please support our vital work at Truth Wins Out today.


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