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George’s Only Road to Redemption is Resigning, Says TWO

Francis-GeorgeBurlington, Vt. – Truth Wins Out called on Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George to leave his post today after he foolishly compared the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan. George’s over-the-top remarks were so extreme that they shredded his credibility and permanently damaged his ability to serve as a respected voice of reason.

“Cardinal George’s outrageous comparison of the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan was so degrading and hurtful that apologizing will not be sufficient,” said Wayne Besen, Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director. “George’s only road to redemption is handing in his resignation. If he has a shred of dignity and a shard of class he will immediately step down.”

George’s offensive remarks came during a dispute over the scheduled starting time of the annual gay pride parade in June. The event was originally set to begin at 10am, but a priest bitterly complained that the starting time would interfere with morning services.

In an interview with Fox News in Chicago, Cardinal George said: “Well, I go with the pastor. I mean, he’s telling us that they won’t be able to have Church services on Sunday, if that’s the case. You know, you don’t want the Gay Liberation Movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism. So, I think if that’s what’s happening, and I don’t know that it is, but I would respect the local pastor’s, you know, position on that. Then I think that’s a matter of concern for all of us.”

The parade’s starting time has been changed to noon.

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