RingOn this beautiful snowy morning, Jamie Brundage and I got married at City Hall in Burlington, VT. We had an amazing Justice of the Peace, Gloria Gil, (pictured below)who was just incredible and made the ceremony at her home a joyous occasion. She has a wonderful cat and a really cool exotic bird too – and they get along.

So….It’s official — I’m hitched!!!

I met Jamie, who is originally from Cairo, Nebraska, five years ago in New York City online and the rest is history. We will be having an exciting party in the summer when Vermont is pretty and green. Thank you to friends and family (Shout out to my mother and father and grandma) for your love and support. We greatly appreciate it and it means a great deal to us.

And a major THANK YOU to the marriage equality advocates in Vermont and at the national level, particularly Freedom to Marry founder Evan Wolfson, who made this dream-like day possible.

So, here’s to hoping I’ll be a better husband than Newt! :)


Wedding 2

Wedding 3