lou_engleA large stadium in Detroit will be packed tonight with America’s most radical religious extremists — and Truth Wins Out will be there. TWO will monitor hate preacher Lou Engle’s 24-hour prayer rally at Ford Field to report on the mischief and mayhem spewed by these zealots.

Engle (pictured) is notorious for his angry sermons that use violent imagery against LGBT people. In 2010, Engle brought his organization, The Call, to Uganda, where the legislature was already considering the infamous “Kill the Gays Bill.” His rally stoked the fires of homophobic hatred and helped to create an even more frenzied climate of intolerance in that country.

The twin goals of the noxious Detroit event are to convert nearby Dearborn, Michigan’s large Muslim population to fundamentalist Christianity and to demonize LGBT Americans. (Yes, they actually preach that homosexuality is caused by gay demons)

Monitoring and reporting on our dedicated and dangerous foes takes money. We’ve done a great job budgeting to be in Detroit this weekend and have cut costs to $500. Please help us cover these basic costs by making a generous tax-deductible contribution to Truth Wins Out today.

Why are we going to Detroit?

TWO strongly believes that fighting back is the key to winning equality. When we undermine the credibility and believability of our opposition, they become less effective at advocating for their unworthy cause. The more time these charlatans spend defending their words and actions, the less time, money, and energy they have to attack the LGBT community. The desire to strategically put our enemies on the ropes and force them into uncomfortable positions is why TWO founded its Center Against Religious Extremism.

Truth Wins Out does not believe in monitoring our foes from a distance. To keep our edge and maintain the expertise our members deserve, we consistently enter the “belly of the beast” to offer original reporting. TWO has attended numerous right wing events including: the 2011 Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC, The 2010 Awakening Conference at the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, and the 2010 Truth Academy in suburban Illinois.

TWO goes where the action is so we can make studious observations and gain keen insights that help advance the LGBT movement. We pride ourselves on being a content provider that breaks essential news stories and conducts serious, original research. At TWO, we are not followers – we are leaders.

Please help us do our crucially important work with a generous tax-deductible contribution today. If you can cover the entire event, please consider a $500 donation. If you can contribute $50 to help with our hotel room, that would be great. Or, maybe pitch in $15 to help with a tank of gas.

Please consider a generous tax-deductible contribution today.