The Embassy of Uganda had a huge shindig this weekend at the same hotel as the Values Voter Summit. It is unclear if the events were related, but several people did appear to be shuttling in and out of both ballrooms. Considering that American evangelicals played a critical role in Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, the timing of the embassy event was a bit suspicious, if not disturbing — and worth noting.

Truth Wins Out discovered that the party included the unnerving presence of a Ugandan General who was engrossed in a private meeting at a table in the back of the hotel lobby with an American guy who I could not quite place.

Ug Gen

Ugandan leaders have been intimately tied to the US fundamentalist group, The Family, which hosts the annual National Prayer Breakfast. The war on LGBT people in Uganda continues and the nation’s first gay bar was recently padlocked.

The owner of Uganda’s first openly gay bar says her establishment has been shut down, the latest setback for gays and lesbians in this conservative East African nation.

Jacqueline Kasha said Thursday that her Sappho Islands bar was padlocked by the landlord on Sunday. The landlord said the bar was noisy and attracted “strange” people.