When Truth Wins Out sounded the alarm on Kimberly Daniels, the anti-Semitic “demon-buster” who ran for and won a seat on the Jacksonville, Florida, city council, we weren’t kidding. Based on her past quotes, about everything from the evils of Halloween candy to her claims that “Jews own everything,” to the fact that she was on record saying she is thankful for slavery, it was obvious that this is not a woman fit to hold elected office. Now that she’s in office, she’s showing no signs of slowing down, taking time this week to go on a word salad-esque rant against both gays and the city’s human right’s commissioner in council chambers:

Councilwoman Kimberly Daniels went on a rant about human rights issues during the early morning hours today as the city council worked to finalize the city budget.

Daniels, at-large councilwoman for Jacksonville, made some comments regarding homosexuality, then linked city Human Rights Commissioner Parvez Ahmed with terrorists.


“Some groups want more than equality, they want favoritism. There are laws especially, if someone was to get in a fight with a homosexual they would get more time simply because that person was a homosexual,” she said.

She then accused Ahmed of having ties with someone who cut his wife’s head off. Reached for comment, Ahmed said, essentially, “Huh?”

Ahmed said today of the speech that he didn’t “know what she is talking about.”

“We don’t want to fight yesterday’s battles today. We should respect past decisions. It is clear the city wants to move forward.,” said Ahmed.

Weird. It’s unsurprising that, as is so often the case with unhinged anti-gay rants, this tirade came as a complete non sequitur while the council was working on the city’s budget. I’ve come to believe that deep-set bigotry is sort of like Tourette’s Syndrome, in that it just comes out at the strangest times.

Here’s a news report about the incident, via Igor:

Beyond bizarre.