A reader recently wrote in the comments section that Peter LaBarbera (aka Porno Pete) is now working at the Starbucks coffee chain. I know what you are thinking — “Um, Petey, I’ll take my coffee without cream, thank you.”

We have not confirmed that Porno Pete is America’s most bigoted barista. However, Ex-Gay Watch has confirmed that his organization, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, (An SPLC-certified hate group) is no longer a tax-exempt charity. It seems Porno Pete may have been trapped in a gay bathhouse dungeon and forgot to file his paperwork. Or, something like that. Here is what Ex-Gay Watch had to say:

According to the IRS documentation on revocations (PDF), AFTAH can no longer be considered a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and there is no process for appeal.  Donations made to them before 6/10/2011 are still deductible by donors, though any income after revocation may be taxed and require filing of a federal return.  LaBarbera appears to have been aware of all this, as the donations section of the AFTAH website no longer claims tax-exempt status.

Poor, Petey. It seems that his donors will have to now pay taxes on the humongous stacks of gay skin mags he reportedly stores in his basement for “research.”

We were on this story, but Ex-Gay Watch beat us to it. BASTARDS! How about I reward you with a free latte?

Just kidding. Good going David Roberts and crew.

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