Have you noticed that for the past couple of years I have not appeared on the same television or radio shows as Exodus International’s Alan Chambers? There is a good reason for this — it is because the sniveling coward has instructed producers that they will lose access to all “ex-gays” if TWO spokespeople are interviewed.

As of today, four trusted media sources have confirmed that the strategy of the flailing “ex-gay” industry is to blacklist Truth Wins Out. We have learned that the despicable conspiracy is spearheaded by Chambers. Clearly, this is because he can’t hold his own in a real debate and wants to handpick his opponents, so he won’t look like the pathological liar and fraud that he truly is.

What terrifies these charlatans is that Truth Wins Out has institutional knowledge and can quickly challenge their blatant misinformation. They simply can’t get away with lies when we are there to debunk their phony claims. Because they cannot defeat our message, they have tried to decapitate the messenger. This speaks to the weakness of their arguments, the low character of activists such as Chambers, and a lack of confidence in fending off credible allegations of consumer fraud.

We urge all producers to act in an ethical and professional manner and not allow Chambers and his underlings to choose whom they debate. That would essentially be allowing Chambers, and other wimps like PFOX’s Greg Quinlan, to stack the deck. By letting this happen, producers are in collusion with the “ex-gay” industry and harming the LGBT movement.

The scurrilous effort at blacklisting TWO will only lead to us redoubling our efforts against these thieves who rip off innocent people and take their hard-earned money to offer “change” that will never come. Our mission has been to counter these fakes. Due to these audacious efforts at undermining our work we have recommitted ourselves to explicitly putting these cowardly SOB’s out of business as quickly as possible.

Mr. Chambers — I promise you that your sleazy, immoral, and underhanded efforts will severely backfire.