But not for the made-up reasons the Religious Right likes to use as talking points.  No, Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the legislation to repeal DOMA:

Senator Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, called DOMA an “immoral law.”

“Same sex couples pay $1,069 more in health coverage annually than opposite sex couples,” Franken said.

Another senator added: “We can’t judge Americans for who they love. I’m sick of kids growing up in a country where government tells them discrimination is ok. We have bigger problems in this country than denying rights to Americans.”

Leahy, co-sponsor of the legislation to repeal DOMA, grilled DOMA advocate Thomas Minnery, senior vice president for Public Policy Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Are those children (of same sex couples) at a disadvantage under the current laws?” Leahy asked repeatedly.

After many minutes, Minnery simply said, “Yes.”

Perhaps the headline should be “Focus on the Family Spokesperson Tells Truth.” It’s always useful to remind people that when these “pro-family” types ramble on about how they’re trying to protect children from the imaginary calamities that come with marriage equality, that their very actions and beliefs hurt the children of same-sex couples.  We know that 98% of the fundamentalist Christian worldview is based on a denial of reality; it’s one thing when they’re trying to tell you that Jesus jousted with dinosaurs or whatever it is they believe, but it’s another entirely when they lie by omission by suggesting that our children don’t exist and therefore aren’t worthy of equal protection.