In today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, Marcus Bachmann finally commented on TWO’s undercover investigation that revealed his clinic practices dangerous “reparative therapy.” Rather than taking responsibility for his archaic views, though, Bachmann attempted to place the blame squarely on my shoulders. According to the article, “Marcus Bachmann said counselors at his clinics follow the wishes of patients and don’t force any treatment. ‘This individual came to us under a false pretense,’ Bachmann said. ‘The truth of the matter is he specifically asked for help.”

Marcus Bachmann wants Americans to believe that giving me reparative therapy was acceptable because I specifically asked for it. This is patently absurd. Responsible counselors refuse to provide ex-gay “therapy” because it is scientifically baseless and morally bankrupt. Bachmann & Associates, though, was more than happy to hold out false promises of change with one hand and collect the cash with the other.

Further, Bachmann’s insinuation that his clinic is somehow neutral on the topic of homosexuality is utterly ridiculous. At no time during the course of my therapy sessions was I ever told about the millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans who live happy, rich, fulfilling lives. Instead of a naturally-occurring variation of human sexuality, homosexuality was presented as a lamentable and correctable “condition.” TWO’s investigation proves Marcus Bachmann has an anti-gay agenda. It’s time for him to stop playing fast and loose with the facts and provide a full explanation for his dangerous views.