Hong Kong’s government has hired quack psychiatrist Hong Kwai-wah to “re-wire” LGBT people through cold showers and prayer. Hong Kwai-wah is chairman of the New Creation Association, which is directly linked to North American organizations Exodus International and Exodus Global Alliance.

“Scandal-prone ‘ex-gay’ programs have become a joke in the West, so these charlatans are exporting their scientifically-bankrupt theories overseas,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “As they opportunistically look for new global markets to exploit, we will put a cold shower on these fraudulent efforts. There is not a single acre on the map in which these slippery groups can hide from our work to spotlight and expose their quack therapies.”

The link to North American groups is robust and incontrovertible. On its website, the Canadian-based Exodus Global Alliance writes:

Kelvin and Tammy are the directors of New Creation Ministries. They say, “We are thankful for the encouragement from Dr. Melvin Wong, Anita and Frank Worthen, Jenny Li, Dr. Kwai-wah Hong, and Exodus Global Alliance. Thank God! He sees the needs of the gay community in Hong Kong and He prepares the hearts of the workers. We believe God will accomplish the works that He has begun.” May God bring new hope to those who want to become free from sexual addiction and bondage.

According to news reports, the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department issued a statement saying it presents a variety of viewpoints to staff members and that it has had gay rights advocates speak to the department in the past.

“Apparently, promoting harmful therapy rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health association in the world is considered a ‘viewpoint,'” said TWO’s Wayne Besen. “In truth, the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department is disgracefully promoting anti-gay propaganda that that is harmful and ineffective.”