We called for an apology and…..

“We’ve (Southern Baptists) lied about the nature of homosexuality and have practiced what can only be described as homophobia. We’ve used the choice language when it is clear that sexual orientation is a deep inner struggle and not merely a matter of choice.” – President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Albert Mohler, speaking at this year’s SBC convention in Phoenix. Mohler also said: “Only the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ gives a homosexual person any hope of release from homosexuality.”

This is certainly a half a loaf (at best). The last part of his statement seems to contradict the first half. However, it is quite impressive that the SBC has admitted to lying — which undermines the “ex-gay” myth. Who would have thought that the SBC would renounce the canard that homosexuality is a choice? Did our call for an apology play into this? I really don’t know. But, I do know this is what progress looks like. Sometimes, you get sweeping change. Other times it occurs in baby-steps.