Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen spoke at West Virginia University in Morgantown on Tuesday to counter Exodus International’s seminar at Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, which teaches pastors how to “pray away the gay.”

The event was packed and the crowd at WVU was enthusiastic and asked many good questions. Fairness West Virginia’s new Executive Director, Bradley Milam, did a superb job of getting the word out and educating the community about the dangers presented by the “ex-gay” myth.

Next, I joined a protest with some very dedicated WVM students who stood outside the church where Exodus was holding its meeting. The demonstrators were there all morning and stayed through mid-afternoon — giving hope to the hopeless who were ensconsed inside this church.

First Presbyterian Church of Morgantown’s companion event, “Let My People Go: A Liberating Faith for People of All Sexual Orientations,” was also held that evening. The prizewinning film “For the Bible Tells Me So,” was viewed by the audience.

WV Brad 1

WV prot 3