It is Unfathomable That America’s Biggest Homophobe Lets Her Children Watch America’s Gayest Television Show, says TWO

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Truth Wins Out questioned the anti-gay convictions and sincerity of congresswoman and presidential contender Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) today after she reportedly embraced the stars of Glee at a Time magazine gala.

At this week’s event in New York City’s Lincoln Center, Bachmann and her husband excitedly posed with Glee star Darren Criss and e-mailed the pictures to their children. “We looked for Chris Colfer,” Bachmann said, but they didn’t find him. “We don’t watch TV, generally speaking. But the kids were thrilled. What kids don’t watch Glee?”

“We are dumbstruck that Michele Bachmann was star-struck over meeting the actors in arguably the gayest show in television history,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “This raises serious questions about Bachmann’s sincerity and makes one wonder if her talk of conservative values is just a marketing gimmick to get votes. Her virulently anti-gay public persona is simply incompatible with her claim that her children are fans of Glee.”

In April, Bachmann gave a speech in Iowa to the anti-gay organization The Family Leader. Here is what she had to say:

“In 5,000 years of recorded human history… neither in the east or in the west… has any society ever defined marriage as anything other than between men and women. Not one in 5000 years of recorded human history. That’s an astounding fact and it isn’t until the last 12 years or so that we have seen for the first time in recorded human history marriage defined as anything other than between men and between women.”

“After a hard day crusading against LGBT people on the campaign trail, it is odd that the Bachmann family unwinds by watching Glee,” said TWO’s Besen. “What next? Are we going to find that her family’s favorite singer is Lance Bass and preferred movie is Brokeback Mountain?”

Truth Wins Out is a non-profit organization that fights anti-LGBT religious extremism. TWO specializes in turning information into action by organizing, advocating and fighting for LGBT equality.