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First Coast News reports:

Kimberly Daniels, candidate in the runoff for the At-Large Group 1 City Council Seat has the attention of a couple national activist groups. She has been called to end her run by a group called Truth Wins Out because of comments she made regarding homosexuals, Jews and slavery. But a different group, the New Black Panther Party.

“We warn the white community, and other conservative groups, that we won’t sit idly by while another black leader, and especially a black woman is threatened,” said a spokesman for the party during a downtown rally on Friday.

About a dozen people watched as the party announced its endorsement of Daniels. Members also had a direct message for the members of TWO:

“If any harm comes her way, or any other black people, we will definitely respond and the consequences will be severe.”

TWO founder Wayne Besen said, “It just shows that she’s unfit for office if she’s going to align herself with a radical extremist group like the New Black Panther Party.”

Attempts today to reach Daniels were unsuccessful. It is unclear whether she wants or approves of the support from the New Black Panthers The spokesman said she did not reach out to the organization, which had decided to endorse and support her on its own.