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UPDATE: Bruce Wilson has unearthed more Crackpot Kim quotes HERE.

On Jacksonville’s Action News,  Kimberly “Demon-Buster” Daniels tried to defend her bigoted and bizarre comments about Jews, gays, and even African Americans. Daniels, who is running for  Jacksonville (FL) city council, tried to play victim on the newscast and attempted to spin reality to fit her surreal agenda.

When asked what she meant when she made the statement “You can talk about the Holocaust, but the Jews own everything,” Daniels replied, “It was meant to be positive, because the Bible says God blesses those who blessed Israel.”

Yeah, right. How dumb does she think Jacksonville’s voters are?

The fact is, Daniels’ anti-Semitic rant was obnoxious and offensive and she was caught red-handed. She also tried to claim that her comments were taken out of context, but the video clearly contradicts her false assertion.

Daniels ought to be ashamed of herself and drop out of the race. But instead of showing some remorse and apologizing, Daniels is pathetically playing the victim, even though she is actually the victimizer who uses her pulpit to spread lies about other minorities and promote religion-based bigotry.

On the newscast, Truth Wins Out also criticized Demon-Buster Daniels’ for telling her church that she thanked God for slavery.

“If it wasn’t for slavery, I might be somewhere in Africa worshiping a tree,” she preached.

How did she spin this despicable statement?

“I love America and it worked out for my good. Slavery was bad but if slavery would not have happened I wouldn’t be living in the greatest country in the land.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. Countless Africans were shipped across the ocean in chains, had their families ripped apart, suffered unimaginable cruelty, and were worked to death — all so Daniels could be in America twisting the word of Jesus to harm other people? Daniels certainly has a unique way of finding the silver lining in this great American tragedy.

Finally, the candidate says that we are attacking her faith. Unfortunately for Daniels, most voters know the difference between genuine faith and the far-out fanaticism preached by this controversial candidate.

Daniels’ incendiary rhetoric and mean-spirited views are a disgrace. Jacksonville voters should think twice before electing a seemingly unstable candidate who, if elected, will turn the city into a national punchline.

After all, what kind of town would elect a woman who believes that demons infest Halloween candy?

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video