ensley-mike-casual1Every now and again we highlight “ex-gay” activists who disappear from the scene. One such individual is Mike Ensley, who was laid off from Exodus in 2008. For those who do not remember, Ensley was the group’s “Youth Analyst”, with the insidious role of brainwashing young people.

He has now reinvented himself as an Orlando-area photographer named “Philip Michael” with a penchant for homoerotic art house photos — particularly focusing on tanned musclemen. (Ensley Photo below)

Here is what he said in his bio:

“I’m a freelance artist living in Central Florida. I discovered my passion for photography several years ago on a road trip across the United States. Since then the train has never stopped rolling.”

NoEnsleymuscle words in the bio about the youth preyed on and harmed by telling them that they were sick, sinful, and could pray away the gay?

I called Ensley to ask how he was doing and to see if he was still pretending to be straight. He began stuttering and said, “I have nothing to say to you” before he hung up the telephone.I had hoped to get an update on his lifestyle, but I guess he had no interest in discussing the good ole’ days at Exodus.

In any case, Mike, when you are ready to come out of your closet, we are here to help you. A picture may be worth a thousand words. Perhaps, a hot homoerotic photo is worth 2,500 words. But, true freedom as an openly gay person is priceless.

Apparently, Mr. Ensley’s into playing make believe.  First Exodus International, and now this. It seems someone likes living in a fantasy world.

Gay Ensley