According to an article in today’s Harvard Crimson, speakers at the controversial “social transformation” conference have promised to whitewash their extremist views.

Organizers, who declined repeated requests for an interview over the past week, say that the speakers have assured them that they will not make hateful statements.

Harvard Extension Service & Leadership Society said in an earlier statement that the conference will avoid more controversial issues.

“We have been assured by our speakers that they have not supported any hatred directed towards any group and that allegations to the contrary are untrue and/or misinterpreted,” a press release from the HESLS stated.

“We have been assured by the student organizers that this conference is not intended to foster enmity toward any group,” the statement continued.

This is outrageous and totally unacceptable. It is the equivalent of hosting David Duke on campus, but prohibiting him from talking about race. If these anti-everything bigots are going to stand on the soap box, they ought to have the courage to express their radical views — and Harvard should encourage them to do so. If they believe they are superior and have designs on taking over the world by expelling lists of “demonic” people — they ought to express this viewpoint without reservation.

It is infinitely more harmful to have these theocratic “Seven Mountains Movement” presenters sanitize their militancy and madness for public consumption. Sweeping the rougher edges under the carpet will allow these speakers to make the disingenuous claim that are not as extreme as opponents said they were.  And rest assured, there will be gullible students and faculty on the left who attend this event and also conclude that this group is not a dangerous threat to liberty and freedom.

“I didn’t hear anything hateful,” I can hear the well-meaning dupes say.

Of course, once the Potemkin Village is dismantled – these activists will go to places like Uganda or the backwoods of Mississippi and preach the poisonous “gospel” of hate. For example, one of this movement’s leaders, Chuck Pierce, recently made the bizarre claim that his “prophesies” on Japan have come true through the group’s “strategic prayer gathering.”

“Below is a news update which shares how the earthquake has literally shifted the location of Japan. The article also shares how this has changed the earth’s rotation and literally shortened the time of each day. With the shift of Japan towards the east, they are now seeing the light sooner each day! Additionally, time is “speeding up” and everyone’s days are getting shorter (not just those living in Japan). As “time” changes, pray that no one delays responding to the Lord and the move of His Spirit.”

Such outlandish, self-aggrandizing rhetoric is the type of “spiritual” sewage that spews from the mouths of those in the Seven Mountains Movement when they they think Ivy League intellectuals aren’t looking. Why ask these activists to tone down or censor their genuine worldview for the sake of making people feel better?

Personally, I’m not worried about my feelings being hurt.  I am, however, worried about an ambitious stealth movement that holds toxic, totalitarian views spreading its political influence worldwide.

A Harvard conference that papers over the stated goals of radical extremists is flat out dangerous. It will only give this nutty group legitimacy and make it a more potent force. The speakers ought to say what they mean, and mean what they say. If they can’t defend their views or they are ashamed of their true beliefs, then why are they speaking at Harvard University?

Learn the truth about the Seven Mountains Movement.

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