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Lisa Ling produced a segment on “ex-gay” ministries that missed the boat. She was factually inaccurate in several places and whitewashed Exodus International’s abominable record of harm and deceit. The most glaring error is when Ling portrays Exodus as a group that no longer makes false promises. She contrasts this alleged kinder and gentler Exodus with the harsher ministry of Janet Boynes.

It is amazing that Ling had no idea that Boynes is listed as a referral on Exodus’ website — meaning her intolerant message offering false hope is also that of Exodus. Ling also was duped into believing that Exodus does not try to “pray away the gay.” She obviously did not do her homework and review substantial evidence to the contrary.

In this video, Truth Wins Out set the record straight and urged the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) to pull the show from re-airing until the factual errors are expunged from the video. Truth Wins Out believes that reporters ought to do their homework and research a topic before broadcasting misinformation on national television. In the case of Our America with Lisa Ling — the ball was dropped and a fallacious report aired that undermined efforts to stop the harm.