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Janet Boynes is an avowed “ex-lesbian” running a ministry in Minneapolis. She is affiliated with the Exodus Church Association, which works to have people “pray away the gay”.

On the Oprah Winfrey Network show, Our America with Lisa Ling, Boynes touted her “ex-gay” ministry. Yet, the one person she put forth as a success story — Christian — was super-gay and admitted to still being attracted to men.

Boynes ministry is a joke that confuses stereotypes with legitimate science. She thinks putting on a dress (or making Christian take off his) makes a person heterosexual.

This is both a distortion of homosexuality and a parody of heterosexuality.

The bottom line is that Boynes is about nothing more than peddling her book. If she had real success stories to show — than why weren’t they featured on national TV?

Maybe, because Boynes is a charlatan and a false for profit prophet?

Of course, Boynes’ failure is not unique at Exodus International. The entire “ex-gay” program is based on changing behavior through bizarre techniques. It has nothing to do with genuinely altering one’s sexual orientation, as John Aravosis eloquently pointed out on America Blog. According to Aravosis:

So basically these are celibacy groups. Nothing more. But they call themselves “ex-gay” simply for political reasons, since it helps them undermine our civil rights. Really pitiful. And it again begs the question of why these admitted phonies are permitted to have an iPhone app when hate groups who targets Jews, blacks and other minorities are not permitted apps?