KC and Larry met at Exodus International’s “ex-gay” ministry Love in Action while trying to “pray away the gay”. The two men fell in love and are now legally married. The Jansson’s story was featured recently in the Dallas Voice’s Valentine’s Day issue. Truth Wins Out invited KC and Larry to Memphis to speak at Rhodes College on the closing night of TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen’s Winter Tour.  The speaking engagement brought KC & Larry back to where it all began — at the Memphis “ex-gay” ministry!

Enjoy this beautiful three-part story of true love and genuine acceptance. This is real love in action.

(If you are in a hurry — skip to part 3)




UPDATE: We are sad to report that this lovely couple has since split up. I guess that makes them ex’s from the ex-gay ministries. We wish them luck in the future and thank KC and Larry for sharing their fascinating story.