kkk2Truth Wins Out is very proud of the enemies it has made and wears their condemnation with a badge of honor – because it proves we are doing our job.

Concerned Women for America called TWO a “full blown attack on the ex-gay ministries.” Focus on the Family called us its “most vociferous opponent”. And I won the 2010 “Gay Grinch Award” from Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. We have always pissed off the right people…but now we have angered the extreme right.

The other day, the Ku Klux Klan slammed Truth Wins Out for our opposition to the Catholic iphone “Confession App.” They even called me a “sodomite”. Here is what the KKK had to say on its website:

Wayne Besen is the executive director of Truth Wins Out and he is an out and proud Sodomite. Yes, the very same type of Sodomite that God condemned by raining fire and brimstone upon that ancient city of Sodom. He has been reported to have said that the mention of homosexual sin in the confession app would, “create neurotic individuals who are ashamed of who they are.”

So Mr. Besen doesn’t want to be reminded of his sin and he doesn’t like the idea of other sodomites being reminded of their sin. Instead, he thinks the church should support homosexuality and other deviant lifestyles as normal and healthy. But is it really the job of the church to make everyone feel good about whatever choice they make? No. It is the job of the church, to teach the word of God and to have no company, friendship, affiliation, or contact whatsoever with those who would commit such grievous offenses against the faith.

To continue standing up and speaking out against such bigotry, Truth Wins Out needs your generous support. Please make the KKK pay by giving a tax-deductible contribution to Truth Wins Out today!

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