“Ex-gay” activist D.L. Foster’s anti-Christian web site “GCM Watch” strives to drive same-sex-attracted and sexually honest people away from Christianity, via stereotypes and ostracism wrapped in Scripture-lite godtalk.

Brittany Ursery, 'ex-lesbian' authorA blog post last week spotlighted Brittany Ursery, Foster’s latest poster child for women seeking freedom from masculinity. And of course, profit is a factor — Ursery is selling her story for $15 a pop.

Foster’s interview with Ursery posits that there is a singular “homosexual subculture” and in that culture, the women are expected to be “studs.”

Ursery’s flimsy perspective on sexual attraction: “Based on what I’ve been told by quite a few youth I’ve talked to, they are preconditioned to accept homosexuality because of [name calling, hormones, distance from one’s family]. Just the other day a young lady told me how she always thought her sisters were more pretty then her, and how she used to get teased. She figured since nobody accepted her she would just rebel and turn to homosexuality. So those factors can and do influence a young person’s choices about their sexuality.”