Fall Doo Truth Wins Out (TWO) announced today that it has moved the non-profit organization from New York City to Burlington. Vt. Founded in 2006, TWO fights anti-gay religious extremism and counters the so-called “ex-gay” industry, which claims to help people “pray away the gay”.

TWO’s founder, Wayne Besen, chose Burlington to cut operating costs, but also considered the location highly desirable, geographically convenient and believed that the well-educated population was ideal in assisting with the organization’s important work. Besen first began thinking about the move in 2009 after he spoke at the University of Vermont.

“Burlington is a charming college town situated on a magnificent lake with smart people who can help us monitor anti-gay religious extremism,” said TWO founder and Executive Director Wayne Besen. “By moving to Burlington, we will significantly cut costs in tough economic times. While Burlington is not a large city, it is in a great location because it is only a short flight from Boston, New York City, Chicago, or Washington.”

TWO’s new address is:

Post Office Box 96
Burlington, Vt. 05402

“TWO looks forward to prospering in its new home,” said Besen. “We are excited about meeting interesting people and enjoying this wonderful, energetic city.”

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