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At the beginning of the year, Truth Wins Out joined several organizations to host The American Prayer Hour. The goal was to highlight the involvement of the American Evangelical group, The Family, with Uganda’s notorious anti-Homosexuality Bill. We held our event on the the same day as The National Prayer Breakfast, which is hosted by The Family. As a result of our work, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton spoke out at the National Prayer Breakfast against this hate bill.

An integral part of our success was the testimony of Moses Mworeko, an LGBT Ugandan who had fled the country to escape persecution. At the time of The American Prayer Hour, Moses wore a bag over his head to conceal his identity because he was afraid for his life.

Recently, Moses decided to take off his mask, and bravely fight for the rights of LGBT Ugandans who must live in fear and secrecy. Truth Wins Out interviewed Moses on video and released it on YouTube.

In a fit of revenge, the Ugandan newspaper, “The Red Pepper”, which is known for sparking anti-gay witch-hunts, launched a vile smear campaign against Mworeko. The tabloid placed his picture on the front page under the screaming headline, “This Gay Monster Raped Boys In School, But Failed To Bonk Wife.” The “red” in Red Pepper stands for the blood the editors of this despicable genocide rag have on their hands. (And, I’d bet $1,000 that they are closet cases, given their intense interest in this subject)

In all my years of activism, this has got to be the most disgusting, immoral, vile, smear campaign that I have ever witnessed. The Red Pepper should be immediately shut down for its libelous reporting and slimy journalism. This hit piece shows that we must redouble our efforts to stop the hate campaign that has infected Uganda and other nations in Africa. We must ensure that U.S. evangelicals stop spreading their special brand of murderous love on this continent

Clearly, Moses’ life is in grave danger. The United States government should put Moses on the fast-track to citizenship to keep him from being slaughtered.

Thank you Moses, for continuing to speak out against the forces of hatred and evil.

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