popePope’ Effort To Unite Conservatives By Promoting Discrimination Is Divisive, Says TWO

Truth Wins Out today condemned the Vatican’ effort to steal conservative members of the Anglican Church by promising that Rome will remain hostile against women and gay people. In his naked appeal to prejudice, the Pope solidified his reputation as a divisive figure that is out of touch with modern society, said TWO.

“The Vatican’ efforts to unite conservatives through “The Dogma of Discrimination’ is disgraceful,” “said Wayne Besen, Truth Wins Out’ Executive Director. “Bonding through bigotry against women and gay people seems to be the Vatican’ strategy to lure disaffected Anglicans. The Catholic Church is defining itself by who it stands against, rather than the principles it stands for.”

In a divisive move that will likely set back relations between Anglicans and Roman Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI ordered the Vatican to create a new plan to incorporate Anglicans and enable the faith’ married priests to transition into Catholic clerics.

Rome’ opportunistic recruitment plan is in response to fissures in the Anglican Church over allowing gay bishops and ordaining women. In the 1990′ social conservatives were angered when the Anglican Church allowed women to become clergy. They went ballistic in 2003 when openly gay V. Gene Robinson was selected rowan13as Bishop of New Hampshire. Since then, conservative Episcopal factions in America — egged on by anti-gay peers in developing countries — have threatened to bolt and take every bit of property that isn’t bolted down to the church floor. During this crucial time period, Rowan Williams, (Pictured Right) Archbishop of Canterbury, refused to take a firm stand against discrimination, while also failing to placate conservatives.

“The feckless and ineffectual leadership of Rowan Williams opened to door for the Vatican’ unseemly power grab,” said TWO’ Besen. “When one stands for nothing, the void is always filled by those with a more lucid vision. At an historic time when the Anglican Church needed a leader, it got a lemming, and so it is not surprising that the Pope moved to fill the leadership vacuum.”