In Plugging New Book, Exodus’ Alan Chambers Sets Low Bar For Exodus

ChambersTruth Wins Out responded today to an interview with a leading “ex-gay” activist who admitted that he was living in “self-denial.” Exodus International’ President, Alan Chambers, also told the conservative online magazine, Citizen Link, that Exodus clients should not expect that “they are going into heterosexuality.”

“If one reads through all of the convoluted double talk, Chambers is essentially letting potential clients know that they should have very low expectations of what Exodus has to offer,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “Exodus is basically a support group for suppressing sexuality.”

The interview with Chambers promoted his new book, “Leaving Homosexuality”, which focuses on intimate details of his private life, such as his inability to perform sexually with his wife on their wedding night. More important, Chambers admits that becoming “ex-gay” is unnatural, a “hard road” and that the nagging “temptations” never end.

“The truth is, I’m in denial, but it is self-denial,” Chambers told Citizen Link. “…What I’ve found is that my freedom, and the freedom of those who’ve left homosexuality, was centered around denying what might come naturally to us…there is a way out for those who want it, but it doesn’t say that they are going into heterosexuality.”

“Attempts to “pray away the gay’ don’t work and can lead to depression and even suicide,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “Alan Chambers was forthright when he said “ex-gay’ groups are not about “going into heterosexuality.’ I hope people will grasp this before they waste time and money on ineffective and dangerous programs.”

Chambers also said, “The most important thing for someone who doesn’t know the Lord is that they know Christ, not that they leave homosexuality.”

“We hope that Chambers’ sentiment translates into more acceptance for gay Christians and religious institutions that support equality,” said Besen. “Exodus must realize that the intolerance it preaches has driven away many gay people from all forms of religion.”