mitchell_gold-headshotTruth Wins Out is proud to accept a $5,000 gift today from Mitchell Gold, co-founder of the well-known furniture company, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. The following is a letter from Gold, articulating why he gave to Truth Wins Out and urging others to follow his lead:

Dear Friends,

I am proud to be able to offer Truth Wins Out (TWO) a $5,000 contribution today in support of its crucial, life saving work. I hope others will join me in donating to this inspiring organization, led by the articulate, courageous, and committed Wayne Besen. Truth Wins Out shines a critically important spotlight on the so-called ex-gay industry and exposes their lies and deceit. Of course, no one can “pray away the gay,” and TWO makes sure America understands this simple truth. Just this past week I had lunch with two Southern Baptist ministers who asked me about the success of James Dobson’ reparative therapy claims. Armed with information I’ve learned from Wayne over the years, I was able to answer succinctly and effectively. Changing these folks is not a one conversation deal, but I know this information gave them a jolt.

The unique work of TWO is particularly helpful to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth, who are the target of these ruthless ex-gay programs. Organizations, such as Exodus International, run horribly damaging Youth Ministries, train summer camp counselors and even have teen boot camps. Alarmingly, ex-gay therapists diagnose and “treat” clients as young as three-years old — calling them “pre-homosexual boys.”

As the author of “CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay In America,” I am acutely aware of the damage caused by these organizations. The ex-gay industry makes young people feel as if they are defective and less than whole human beings. They use religion-based bigotry to divide families and create destructive myths and misconceptions about homosexuality.

What I most admire about TWO is that it fights the right at “Ground Zero.” Not every LGBT advocacy group leader is equipped to do this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT WORK. When ex-gay conferences appear in conservative cities or small towns, we can always count on this organization to be where the action is, refuting anti-gay lies at their source. TWO has fought back in unlikely places such as Anchorage, Macon, Asheville, Charlotte, Phoenix, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Omaha….and by my side in Taylorsville, North Carolina.

I am most grateful that our community has a first-rate organization like Truth Wins Out. Your immediate support is vital when you consider that TWO is up against powerful forces. The largest ex-gay organization, Exodus International, has 13 staff members and a one-million dollar budget. TWO is operating on less than one-fourth of their budget — and needs our help. Imagine what amazing things TWO could accomplish if we give them the resources they deserve?

Please join me in empowering Truth Wins Out to combat the destructive ex-gay propaganda that has ruined so many lives. It is our responsibility to ensure that the next generation is not harmed by the same lies that hurt us. We cannot forget our own youth. I strongly urge you to match my commitment to Truth Wins Out by making a contribution today.


Mitchell Gold
Co-founder, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams