(Sen. Sam Brownback, Left)

Focus on the Family Admits That Dobson Twists Research, Says TWO

NEW YORK — Truth Wins Out (TWO) today condemned the introduction of a United States Senate resolution to “congratulate” Focus on the Family’ James Dobson for his selection into the Radio Hall of Fame. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) sponsored the controversial measure that says Dobson’ program has “benefited the lives of families and individuals across the United States and around the world.”

“It is disgraceful that Senators would consider congratulating James Dobson for his reprehensible radio broadcasts that damage families and promote discrimination,” said Truth Wins Out’ Executive Director Wayne Besen. “Honoring a man who distorts research and misrepresents facts sends the wrong message to youth who are looking for role models. Do we really want young people to think lying and cheating are acceptable ways to promote a viewpoint?”

In the past two years, at least seven researchers have accused Dobson of manipulating or cherry picking their results to back his anti-gay teachings. Letters and videos documenting the concerns of these respected professors can be viewed at RespectMyResearch.org. In an Internet and video attack on Truth Wins Out last week, Focus on the Family inadvertently admitted it distorts research.

“What Dr. Dobson has done, through the years, is look at scientific data, and then reach conclusions off that data that may or may not be supported by the researchers who did the research,” said Gary Schneeberger, vice president for media and public relations at Focus on the Family.

“I would agree with Schneeberger that Dobson is committing larceny of the lab by twisting the scientific conclusions of legitimate researchers to fit his archaic views,” said Besen. “However, it is neither moral nor ethical to cherry pick work and grossly misrepresent research to bolster an ideological agenda.”

Truth Wins Out will join the Gay Liberation Network and other organizations to protest the Radio Hall of Fame dinner on Nov. 8 at the Renaissance Chicago Hotel. Co-sponsors of the Senate resolution include GOP Sens. Jim DeMint, S.C.; Orrin Hatch, Utah; James Inhofe, Okla., Mel Martinez, Fla.; Mitch McConnell, Ky.; and Pat Roberts.