Exodus Global Alliance Is Selling False Hope and Faulty Science To Vulnerable and Desperate People, Says TWO

NEW YORK — TruthWinsOut.org denounced a so-called “ex-gay” religious symposium near Toronto that will peddle anti-gay stereotypes, twist legitimate science and promote discrimination. The event, hosted by Exodus Global Alliance, is part of a multi-million dollar worldwide effort to deceive people into believing homosexuality is a casual choice that can be cured through therapy and prayer. The goal is to shift public opinion, so a majority of voters will oppose legal equality for GLBT people.

Exodus Global Alliance is selling false hope that will ultimately shatter families and ruin lives,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of New York City-based TruthWinsOut.org. “It is important that people realize that attempts to change sexual orientation can be dangerous and are rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health association in the world.”

The right wing symposium will take place at Morningstar Church in Scarborough, ON, May 8-10. It will feature several so-called “experts” who will misinform people about GLBT life and distort science to conform to their religious theories.

Exodus Global Alliance is the international component of a movement founded in the United States in 1973 to convince people that homosexuality is not a fixed orientation. Exodus International, based in Orlando, FL has a $1 million dollar budget and thirteen staff members. The organization works closely with Colorado-based Focus on the Family. Exodus Global Alliance has endorsed the criminalization of homosexuality in foreign countries and actively works to support anti-gay laws.