united-states-map.gif TruthWinsOut.org today announced its ambitious plans for 2008 — which include several protests, a three-region tour and a significant presence at several Gay Pride events. TWO is also placing a national call for volunteers to help us in the cities and regions we are visiting. We are also asking that local universities, community groups, advocacy organizations, business groups, social clubs and religious institutions inquire about having TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen give a presentation on the so-called “ex-gay” myth while he is in town.

“We are urging volunteers to get involved now to help us at these events and to further our important message,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director, TruthWinsOut.org. “We look forward to educating people across America on the ex-gay industry and right wing extremism.”

TWO plans to have regional tours in the following areas:

California, April 1-13
Florida, June 2-10
Pacific Northwest, June 16-30

TWO plans to work with local organizations to hold protest rallies at the following venues in 2008:

Love Won Out, April 12, San Jose
Exodus Global Alliance, May 8-10, Toronto
Love Won Out, June 7, Orlando
Exodus National Conference, July 15, Asheville
Love Won Out, Sept. 13, Anchorage
NARTH Conference, Nov. 7-9, Denver

TWO plans to work with local organizations to have a presence at the following events:

Exodus West Coast Regional Conference, April 3-5, Fresno
Exodus Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, April 4-6, Williamsburg, VA
Exodus Asia Pacific Conference, Aug. 2-3, Malaysia
Exodus North Central Conference, Oct. 24-26, Green Lake, WI

TWO plans to have booths at the following Pride Events:

Fort Lauderdale
Long Beach
DC Black Pride
Los Angeles
Portland (OR)
New York City
San Diego
San Francisco
St. Louis

“We urge our supporters to mark their calendars and help us carry out our mission,” said Besen. “If we will be in your area, consider booking us for an entertaining educational forum on the ex-gay myth.”

All dates are tentative and subject to change as the itinerary continues developing. This is TWO’ first national tour of America. TruthWinsOut.org is a non-profit organization that counters right wing propaganda, exposes the “ex-gay” myth and educates America about gay life. For more information, visit www.TruthWinsOut.org.

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