Organize a protest: Ex-gay conferences rotate locations each year, to maximize their reach. If one is coming to your area, help organize a protest action. This will help teach the public what these dangerous groups are really about, and serve as a powerful educational platform to inform citizens in your area.

TWO Protest Against NARTH In Dallas

Organize a forum: One way to counter the ex-gay message is by organizing an educational forum that offers a positive message. This event can include experts on the ex-gay myth, affirming pastors who can talk about homosexuality and the Bible, parents who unconditionally accept their GLBT children and former ex-gays who were damaged by their experiences in these groups.


Flyers: A fun way to educate people about TWO is to drop off our flyers at gay establishments, such as restaurants and bars. Another idea is to ask a local bar owner if you can set up a booth and engage the customers, while handing our flyers. This is a great way to have a night out on the town, while helping the GLBT community.

House Party: Consider hosting a house party to raise money for TWO. Or, consider hosting a Sunday “Tea for TWO” event to further awareness and help fund our fight for fairness.

Host a “Tea for TWO”: Looking for a good reason to have a party? Why not host a “Tea for TWO”? You and your friends or your organization can get together and pay a portion of the “cover charge” for food and drink and a portion as a tax deductible donation for This way you can have fun, meet new and old friends and at the same time help the GLBT community.

Here’ how it works:

Invite several friends at $20 each. Use half the $$ for the “Tea for TWO” party and the other half send to TWO to help support the important work TWO is doing to fight the “ex-gay” myth and educate the public on the truth about gay life. Do it monthly, quarterly….or make it an annual event!!!!!
***If your “Tea for TWO” is 20 people or more TWO will send you brochures to give out.
***You can show our groundbreaking videos at your “Tea for TWO” on
***Send a picture of your “Tea for TWO” and we will show it on our website.
A “Tea for TWO” is a win/win for you !!!


Host a movie night: Another possibility is to host a movie night and show one of several films that focus on the ex-gay ministries. This is a fun way to drive home the danger of these organizations and rally your local community.

Invite a speaker: Ex-gay organizations often gain free media attention when their leaders are brought in to speak in local venues. Our side also has many enlightening and entertaining speakers on this topic. Consider inviting them to speak in your local community. This can be an excellent way for student groups, civil rights organizations, pride events, and religious institutions to raise awareness on this controversial subject.