sylviathompsonOr is she subtly promoting it? It’s hard to tell.

Sylvia Thompson, who are you?

Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal spin on issues pertaining to race and culture.

Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She formerly wrote for the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley California Newsletter and the online conservative blog ChronWatch, also out of California.

Well, all right. As she is writing for Renoo ‘Murica, the wingnut home of Alan Keyes and so many other modern-day thinkers, we know we’re in for a treat. Let’s get this show on the road:

I recently read that eight homosexuals moved to Tennessee to wage an assault on the citizens of this state.

I actually am close friends with two of the eight homosexuals and I can say with authority that they did not move here to wage war on Tennesseans. They may want to wage war on our climate, but the reason for the move itself was much more jejune — the Army transferred them.

These homosexuals

These homosexuals!

have filed a federal lawsuit requesting that a federal judge force Tennessee to accept their so-called marriages, granted in other states.

Yep. It’s called Full Faith and Credit, and it’s been a part of the American way of doing things for quite a long time. Unfortunately, some states still think that they should be granted a special right to discriminate against gay people, just as many states felt (feel?) they should have a special right to discriminate against black people, long after things like the Civil Rights Act and Loving v. Virginia. We would expect Ms. Thompson to be able to make that connection, but don’t worry, she’s going to claim the mantle of speaking for all African-American people in rejecting that connection in just a few paragraphs.

For now, I always do adore when they refer to our marriages as “so-called marriages,” and it gives me an excuse to post this picture. The couple in the lawsuit that I’m friends with aren’t just married, they’re super freaking married, and they love each other quite a lot. I hope that Ms. Thompson’s opposite-sex marriage, assuming that she’s in one, comes with little perks like this that the Army half of the couple left for the other half upon awakening in the morning:


All together now: “Awwwwwww” at the “so-called marriage.”

A sizeable majority (81 to 19 percent) of Tennesseans voted to maintain the institution of marriage as between one man and one woman.

That was years back, and voters shouldn’t be deciding civil rights in the first place, and Ms. Thompson should know that, but again, Ms. Thompson’s bigotry is overshadowing her neurons’ ability to make that connection.

The voters’ definition of marriage is as Almighty God ordained it to be, and as it has been throughout millennia of human existence.

Millennia? Shall we discuss “Biblical Marriage?” Let’s:

That’s all directly from the Bible, Ms. Thompson. Methinks you should spend a little time becoming more familiar with the document, and less time trying to take rights away from people you don’t know.

This assault is occurring in other states, as well. The legal action is a direct result of the detrimental ruling by a majority of Supreme Court justices to scuttle the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Although principally striking down DOMA, the Court ruling did not address state laws that do not recognize same-sex marriage. Therefore, intolerant activist homosexuals are following their play book of intimidation and legal bullying to force their will.

Assault, intimidation, bullying…

We like to think of it as “the logical next steps in implementing equality for all Americans,” and we know that we are the side with the real, solid legal arguments, and that Ms. Thompson’s side, when forced to go to court and explain themselves to educated people, doesn’t fare well.

It is my fervent hope that the Tennessee Attorney General, unlike his California counterpart and the United States Attorney General (Eric Holder), will do what he is legally bound to do and defend the constitution of the State of Tennessee. I moved to Tennessee from California to be rid of lawless rule by the Left.

That’s why you moved? Sounds like your move was much more politically motivated than those of these gay couples,  Ms. Thompson!

Beyond the overbearing hubris of homosexual activists and their liberal and libertarian supporters, there lies a degree of ignorance that just may be their undoing. No matter how vicious, vile and intolerant activists may be and no matter how much of the country they silence through fear of reprisals from a currently corrupt and degenerate federal government, they will never, and I stress never, frighten enough people to accept the lies that they disseminate.

Among those lies is the notion that science proves homosexual behavior is inbred, as is race.

Actually, while there is a lot to still be researched on the topic, yes, ma’am, the scientific consensus is that homosexuality is biologically based and is just as normal as heterosexuality. In fact, here is a handy website featuring many of the leading scientists in the field explaining just that! Feel free to use it as a resource in the future, Ms. Thompson.

If this lie were settled science, that science would be debunked by the thousands of people who have abandoned homosexual lifestyles.

These “thousands” of people who are completely unwilling to stand up and be counted, these “thousands” of people who “ex-gay” corporations can’t seem to get to show up for their conventions unless, that is, they’re on the payroll of one of those “ex-gay” corporations. Should we repeat the laundry list of “ex-gay” activists who have had to leave the industry on account of Still Gay?

They, for any number of reasons, recognize the behavior as aberrant and unhealthy, and they have sought help to change that behavior.

Those who end up at the doors of places like NARTH or the offices of other “ex-gay” quacks tend to be driven there by the shame engendered in them by their anti-gay families and churches. The others become easy prey because their lives have fallen apart and these charlatans convince them that their sexuality is to blame for their poor life choices.

Especially do homosexuals leave the lifestyle when they realize that the God of the Bible, who created sex and sexuality, will never accept their behavior (contrary to what some so-called Christian leaders tell them).

Especially do homosexuals does Renoo ‘Murica have an editor?

Another telling factor in the lie of inherited homosexuality (essentially, God-made homosexuality) is how concerted the effort is to intimidate and threaten those homosexuals who choose not to continue the lifestyle.

Why the intense and demeaning vilification of those who want no part of homosexuality anymore?

We’d have to be able to find them in order to intimidate and threaten (???) them. We do indeed fight back against the professional “ex-gays” who hurt their clients by inflicting upon them the same shame and junk science that has infected their lives.

People who have been so deeply scarred emotionally, often times by sexual abuse when they are defenseless children, want and need help to overcome serious psychological and emotional conditions. Why not allow that choice? Why the demonization of and rush to silence those brave groups and medical professionals who have helped successfully in the past and want to continue assisting troubled individuals? Such groups as the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), to which many have appealed and received help.

Because we KNOW that the treatment is anti-scientific and harmful! Have you ever heard the slogan, “First Do No Harm,” Ms. Thompson? It actually means something. All major medical and mental health organizations have condemned the practice of “reparative”/pray away the gay therapies as ineffective, at best, and often harmful. There is no debate on this.

The most galling of the lies for me, a black person, is the equally ridiculous notion that homosexuality is comparable to being genetically black. Activists envision that their push to force their behavior upon society is no different from the civil rights movement for American blacks. I cannot begin to describe the disgust that this position engenders in me, and many other blacks, because being black is not a behavior. Blacks who oppose this lie know that it is simply one of the Left’s many political agendas aimed at the destruction of civil society.

Yeah, it makes you mad, but you’re fighting a strawman of your own creation, Ms. Thompson. LGBT activists — many of whom are black! — don’t say that the LGBT movement is the exact same, but recognize the parallels, as we are all striving to bend toward justice for all. Leaders of the national Civil Rights Movement get it. The NAACP gets it. Here is an African-American woman who happens to be a Tennessee pastor who gets it, as she explains in her video for the  NALT Christians Project:

Any questions?

Now, for the part I alluded to in the headline. Ms. Thompson is, at best, concern-trolling, and at worst, subtly hoping for some real-deal, bona fide anti-gay violence in the coming years, as a result of the advances in LGBT equality that have happened and will continue to happen. You be the judge:

So, this is my prediction. As homosexual activists ignore the individual rights of a majority of Americans (never mind the bogus poll numbers to the contrary) and move steadily to outlaw Judeo-Christianity as the primary impediment to their unbridled hedonism, resentment against them will rise. What they seem not to comprehend or simply choose not to (that underlying ignorance mentioned earlier), is that at some point, the resentment will erupt into action. More likely violent action against them, because they foment hatred. Just as race mongering engenders hatred of blacks where such hatred otherwise would not occur.

Further, as they nullify law in their attempts to bring America to heel, eventually law will mean nothing. And lawlessness against a miniscule segment of society will not be pretty (one to, at best, three percent, contrary to the equally bogus research that says ten percent). All the exaggerated claims of homosexual persecution (recall the Matthew Shepard scam) will pale in comparison to the actual physical assaults likely to occur. If homosexual bullying (aided and abetted by the Left and the corrupt administration that bolsters the movement) continues at its current pace, such an eventuality is not at all out of the question.

Activists should take heed; chickens have a tendency to come home to roost.

When all the polls say you’re wrong, just ignore the polls, right, Ms. Thompson? It’s all a liberal conspiracy! Fortunately we know that the majority of Americans have realized that their rights aren’t affected one damn bit by giving LGBT people full equality. Moreover, the majority of Americans know that LGBT people have no desire to outlaw Christianity. Hell, a majority of LGBT people in this country identify as Christians!

But in that last full paragraph, doesn’t it seem like Ms. Thompson is secretly wishing that these fever dreams will come to pass? So desperately does she want to believe — for whatever reasons, I don’t know what haunts her dreams — that the majority of Americans agree with her that she’s concocted this fantasy world where, after a while, the Real Americans are going to stand up and fight back violently against the terrible, horrible homosexuals who simply want to be treated equally. Since all verifiable facts show that the majority of Americans (and it’s a fast-growing majority that will soon be a super-majority) understand that the sky has not fallen and will continue to remain above us in the wake of advancing LGBT equality, one must wonder what she’s really hoping for here.

We’re sorry to disappoint you, Ms. Thompson, but normal people have moved on. It’s high time you do so as well.