literallydevouredbysatanBryan Fischer, introduce us to your new “ex-gay” friend, Joseph Sciambra!

Seeing that Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association frequently claims that gay people are Nazis and demonic, it is not a surprise that Fischer read Sciambra’s book and invited him onto his show today to discuss the typical gay life…of a gay Nazi Satanist porn actor.

Fischer said Sciambra was “devoured by the Prince of Darkness” when he “entered the homosexual lifestyle,” which Sciambra described as a “scary” experience.

“Part of the lie of Satan is to use the media and other voices to try to convinced people that homosexuality, homosexual conduct is some sort of benign alternative to heterosexuality, ” Fischer said. “If somebody believes that lie and begins to act on that lie, that homosexuality is something normal and a healthy alternative to heterosexuality, they are really opening themselves up to some very dark and dangerous powers.”

Listen to him explain how he was literally devoured by Satan, and how all the other gays have been too. Notice that he has the voice of one wholly brainwashed:

Okay then. We have a new crazy “ex-gay” on the block, but as Slacktivist points out, the problem with these “ex-gay” con artists lately is that they focus too much on the “con” and far too little on the “artist.” This guy’s just a dork with an outlandish story that has absolutely nothing to do with the LGBT experience in America.

But while we’re here, let’s learn a little bit more about this Joseph Sciambra character. For starters, this is his book. The cover is helpfully illustrated, in case we don’t know what he means by “swallowed by Satan.” You can see right there, that there’s a shirtless dude, and HERE COMES SATAN, totally fixin’ to swallow him:



So scary! Tell us more about your poor life choices that you have been convinced to scapegoat your natural sexuality for, instead of taking responsibility like a grown-up. From Amazon’s book description:

In Swallowed by Satan, Joseph Sciambra reveals the inner torments which drove a suburban California boy to become an actor in gay fetish pornographic films. He traces his early adolescent exposure to softcore pornography, then his later descent into the more degenerate world of hardcore. He explains the inherent dangers awaiting those within the seemingly harmless pages of Playboy and Penthouse magazines, and the desensitizing and liberalizing impact this material has on the growing male mind. Once in the hormonal throes of puberty, with a brain already mired in the soup of porn, Joseph begins to question his sexuality and the true meaning of love, desire, and human affection. The popular culture of the day, as well as his faulty and watered-down religious education, offers little guidance or help, but only succeeds in confusing him all the more. Searching for his missing sense of masculinity, at nineteen years of age, Joseph goes to the dance-clubs, bathhouses, and dungeons of San Francisco. Despite the ever lurking presence of AIDS, he jumps into the gay lifestyle and never looks back, until the mouth of hell opens up and begins to suck him in.

Okay, wait. Reading Playboy and Penthouse does not make straight boys gay. That doesn’t even make sense. Moreover, people don’t go to gay clubs and bathhouses to find their “missing sense of masculinity.” Moreover, some gay men go those places, but even more don’t. And because of the “lurking presence of AIDS,” we at Truth Wins Out recommend that you always know your status and wrap it up, boys!

Once entrenched within the homosexual subculture, Joseph is willingly seduced, abused, and then abandoned by a descending series of older and increasingly sick men. The security and acceptance that he longed for, incessantly escapes him. Through the porn-fueled sexual fantasies of these wealthy deviants, he is first introduced to the lower echelon of gay-produced porn. As he falls further into degradation, not even the violent scenes of pornography could cover over the pain of loneliness and self-hate. Looking for other phantom ghosts of salvation, Joseph delves into the darkest recesses of the occult, Satanism, and eventually Neo-Nazi ritualism. Every corner that he desperately turns down, results in another dead end. With little left to lose, he begins a life as a sadomasochist master. When the worshiping slobber, from the elderly men who pay him, begins to dry up, he starts his final career as a common street hustler. After being nearly murdered by a client; he ultimately seeks destruction in the nightmarish realm of BDSM. Nearing death, the Lord offers His hand one final time. In fear, Joseph accepts the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Oh jeez. Dude needed therapy. The real kind, not the “ex-gay” kind, because none of those issues has anything to do with being gay. Neo-Nazi ritualism? Please. And if I may be kind and honest for a moment, it’s true that many LGBT people, due to familial, religious and societal stigma, suffer from issues stemming from loneliness, depression and, sometimes, self-loathing. It has been proven that the former issues cause the latter, and people who suffer need real help from real professionals. The fact that Sciambra is using his experiences of abuse and self-loathing to engender those same experiences in others (different method, same result) is abhorrent.

So, long story short, he goes to the “forests of Pennsylvania” and also to France, and now he’s the “Swallowed By Satan” dude on Bryan Fischer’s show. Look at you now, Joseph!

Brian at Right Wing Watch delves a little bit deeper into the storytelling of He Swallowed Me: A Demonic Love Story (the next Twilight series?), to find that Sciambra has, ahem, swallowed the Religious Right’s narrative on sexuality full stop:

It’s no wonder that Bryan Fischer is such a big fan of Swallowed by Satan, as the book almost reads like a Religious Right activist’s imagining of what the “gay lifestyle” is really like. Author Joseph Sciambra portrays the gay community as a violent, animalistic, hyper-sexual and demonic place that poses many dangers for young people, who he writes are “getting used-up and eventually pulverized on the homosexual millstone.”

For example, he writes about how he felt the need to “recruit” young men in a “sickeningly vampiristic” gay practice.

I’m about to reproduce his quote, but I warn you, this next thing is supposed to sound scary, but it’s absolutely cartoonish in my opinion. Why? Because, as Brian just said, this isn’t LGBT reality, but rather the Religious Right’s prurient imagination of LGBT reality. If dude actually experienced this, again, WE ARE SORRY, but instead of writing books to brainwash wingnut families into thinking this is what their gay kids are out there doing, we suggest that Mr. Sciambra instead get a real therapist. The quote:

My first sex-club venture inadvertently exposed a dirty, but far from secret, reality within the gay community: the constant need for young new recruits. Since the gay population cannot naturally reproduce itself, they rely on those entering the lifestyle to renew their always aging and dwindling numbers. My first lover in the bathhouse was a man from another generation. As it goes, older and experienced gay men will almost always initiate the young and naive into the world of gay sex…. The procedure is sickeningly vampiristic. The young draw some imagined male power from their partners during an inaugural sexual encounter, while the older males feed off the youthful innocence and vigor of the new converts.

Nope, not even a little bit like LGBT life, and everything like a Religious Right fever dream. The only people worrying about recruits are the fundamentalist wingnuts who see their membership rolls shriveling and dying by the day. LGBT people simply know that a certain percentage of the population will always be LGBT. We know because, 1., science, 2., clearly observable reality.

I’m beginning to wonder if even a little bit of Sciambra’s story actually happened, or whether he cobbled it together by reading some wingnut’s revisionist historical account of ancient Greece.

“I took a sick pleasure in having sex with other men,” Sciambra recounts, “especially young guys, as I thought I could be passing death over to them.”

Well, that’s just super gross, Joseph, because when I have sex with a man, I prefer for it to be a vigorous, loving experience. If that’s what you were going for, then again, you need therapy, and you need to stop pretending that your own psychoses have anything to do with  my altogether pretty great life.

You want more? We haven’t even gotten to this guy’s YouTube videos yet. Those come later.

Sciambra writes in detail about engaging in oral sex with a demonic creature who had “a very long and serpent like tongue” through a glory hole. He also claims to have had sex with a demonic figure while shooting a pornographic film. Not to mention the time he had sex with a pilot mid-flight while he was traveling across the country to have group sex with political elites in Washington.

Of course. First comes the demon glory hole, and before you know it you’re cashing in Delta points at a level I can’t even imagine with Pilot McFriendly, on your way to bang half the Beltway media elites. Typical story.

Not only was Sciambra a member of a gay witch sex cult, but his girlfriend (that’s right, he had a girlfriend at one point)

Did he meet the girlfriend in the gay witch sex cult? Or just at Starbucks or something? We need to know.

was part of a community of witches, who introduce him to Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.

This is getting ridiculous. Was he also buddy-buddy with Patty Hearst and Charles Manson?

Eventually, Sciambra joined a Neo-Nazi organization in Idaho, which he explained was a natural fit since he “had already been well trained by the equally vicious haters in the perpetually malevolent gay community.”

“In a certain way, the world of Neo-Nazism was no different from gay culture: they were both obsessed with the masculine ideal, conformity to a singular agenda, an extreme hatred for all those who disagreed with their principles,” he adds.

I figured it out. Joseph Sciambra didn’t exist ten years ago. Scott Lively grew him in his lab. Because I’m not sure how that quote differs from Lively’s widely-laughed-at revisionist history tome The Pink Swastika in any meaningful way.

Sciambra first became interested in Nazism after acquiring a Nazi soldier’s hat after a German businessman paid him to beat him up and have sex with him on camera while dressed as a Nazi.

Is that how Hitler used to recruit them? “Ven vee are done, you vill suddenly be overtaken by an overvelming hatred for Jews!”

But the hat ended up having a power over him: “Clothed in a relic of the past, the dead ghosts of buried degenerates could take over my body”…much like in The Simpsons episode “Treehouse of Horror: Hell Toupée.”

I love it when the Right Wing Watch kids can’t even hold themselves back from making jokes.

Sciambra recalls how he began to idolize and fantasize about Adolf Hitler, who he viewed as the “ultimate male” and “a new messiah, superman reborn.” But Hitler wasn’t enough for him and he began to pursue “the darker side of the occult.”

“The draw towards Satanism was also linked with my desire to push the limits of porn,” he writes.

Finally, after injuring his rectum during more group sex…

And that’s enough.

Let’s watch his YouTube videos! Here’s the one where he teaches us how to stop masturbating:

Here’s the one where he meets the Devil!

Here’s the one where he gives birth to a demon!

“The Satanic Lie Of Same-Sex Marriage: A Warning From An Ex-Gay Porn Star.” No, seriously, y’all, stop laughing:

And finally, “The Devil Loves Anal Sex.” Yet again, he’s being serious, everyone, stop giggling:

If you’d like to enjoy more of Joseph Sciambra’s wonderment, peruse his YouTube account for yourself.