hutsonThis is Pastor Tony Hutson, speaking at the North Valley Baptist Church Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference in Santa Clara, California, and he has a message for you:

When Pastor Tony goes to the hospital, he is always affirmed in his completely Biblical belief (citation needed) that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, because those are the colors of the cribs he sees. He has never seen a “rainbow crib for the little sodomite baby.”  When he says this, his congregation starts hootin’ and hollerin’ like they’ve heard somethin’ funny. Then he starts actin’ all effeminate-like, which pleases his congregation, who hold dear the commandment to make juvenile jokes about gay men when at all possible.

Hutson also explains that he’s never wanted to marry a woman wearing steel-toed boots, a metal lunchbox and a hardhat, obviously referring to the famous Lunchbox Lesbians we have long treasured in the LGBT community. Also, the pastor wants some Chick-Fil-A.

Look, it’s easy — too easy — to laugh at this, but the fact is that this is a man with a congregation of people who respect him, and with closeted LGBT kids in the pews, and those poor kids are having to hear this man’s ignorant hatred week-in, week-out. Not only that, he’s actually mocking them from the pulpit. When we talk about how this sort of rhetoric falls directly under the category of “bullying,” this is a prime example.

So, watch the video and if it makes you laugh, great. Then, if you’re a Christian who supports LGBT equality, make a video for the NALT Christians Project, because the kids in that guy’s congregation and so many others need to hear alternate voices. If you’re not a Christian, but you know Christians who are Not All Like That, push them to speak up. That’s how we retake control of this conversation.

[h/t Stuff Fundies Like]