klingMy goodness, Fundamentalist activists really have sodomy on the brain these days. They’ve always been strangely preoccupied with gay sex, but their delusions are expanding to the point that they seem truly worried that, with the ascendancy of LGBT equality, they are all going to suddenly fall into a pit of sodomy. A couple of months back, we had “Coach” Dave Daubenmire moaning that he was tired of being sodomized by liberals, and now we have disgraced former chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, lamenting that put-upon fundamentalists like him are being forced to “participate in sodomy” by gay activists:

On last week’s “Pray In Jesus Name” program, “Dr. Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt hailed an effort by Republican legislators in Washington to allow businesses to discriminate against gay customers based on religious conviction, saying it was needed in order to fight back against the “demonic spirit of tyranny” that is seeking to force Christians to participate in sodomy.

Declaring that “sodomy will always be a sin in the eyes of God” even if it is legal in the US, Klingenschmitt said that gay activists are using the government to compel Christians “to participate in their sodomy” or face lawsuits and jail.

My goodness. Watch it:

Of course, no fundamentalist is being threatened with jail, and nobody is facing a lawsuit that remotely has anything to do with our constitutional guarantees of religious freedom.

I do think that it would be funny if “sodomy or jail!” became the “cake or death!” rallying cry for the Christian Right, though.