I’m beginning to wonder if America’s corporations have gotten together and decided to troll the One Million Moms. Even though the membership of OMM basically consists of director Monica Cole, her laptop, and her demons, when the “group” gets angry about a television commercial, said commercial usually ends up getting tons of airplay. It would seem to be a good marketing strategy: produce slightly racy ad that will freak Monica Cole out, Monica goes to the computer and writes an outraged e-mail to her mailing list, funny bloggers who sign up for her mailing list as a joke (I mean, as journalism!) get it, write about it, and then suddenly we’re all talking about ads for Kraft salad dressing.

Today’s missive from the “One Million” is targeted at Slim Fast, who have a new series of ads out that actually acknowledge the fact that women enjoy sex, even after they become mothers. This is not acceptable to Monica, for whom all sex is bad:

Slim Fast’s new marketing strategy has backfired. They are offending their target market, especially the new moms wanting to lose the last of the baby weight. One commercial even states this, but concludes saying, “I wanna be the hottest MILF in my area code.” MILF is short for “Mom I’d Like to F*ck.” Slim Fast is also airing commercials mentioning “the reverse cowgirl position with the lights on” and “just when I am twisted up like a Russian gymnast, I wanna look like a Russian gymnast.” On their website, they allow anyone to choose which video clip they want to view by selecting PG, R or NC-17.

Slim Fast is being irresponsible in their new ad campaign. This entire ad will make you lose your appetite, especially if you have children in the room asking you to explain the meaning of the innuendos. The Slim Fast commercials are inappropriate and tacky. These commercials have aired during the day when families are likely watching.

Whereas the ads make Monica “lose her appetite,” I suspect that the majority of people will find them somewhere between cute and downright funny, and also honest.

As usual, Monica requests that you register your displeasure with Unilever, the manufacturer of Slim Fast, via the One Million Moms website. If you are so inclined, you can of course use OMM’s own form to tell Unilever that their commercials are hilarious.

Check the ads out for yourself:

As Joe says, the last line of that second clip is all win.