David Pakman interviewed the white supremacist Craig Cobb recently, in order to try to understand just what sort of path in life one must endure to end up so irrationally hateful and fearful. Cobb is a member of the “Creativity Religion,” which is trying to set up a whites-only community up north somewhere. In a discussion of anti-Semitism, Cobb suddenly dropped the bombshell I alluded to in the headline, and he said it completely matter-of-factly.

Then David Pakman made this face, while essentially saying, “hold up, hold up, hold up, what did you just say?!”



Then Cobb started to not-really-explain by saying something about loose sphincter muscles and Estonians, at which point David went like this:



(White supremacist say WHAT?!)

Pakman then asked which Jews invented the term “gay” to oppress white people, and when, and Cobb was like “I dunno.” He claimed not to know the precise etymology of the word “gay,” or which Jews created it, and David replied:

"That's what I figured."

“That’s what I figured.”

Cobb then takes a hard right turn onto another wooded forest path that only he can see, where he explained that people can only use terms like “neo-Nazi” to describe him because of “Kike wordsmithing,” at which point David, suppressing a grin, said:

"Oh, I see, okay..."

“Oh, I see, okay…”

Those are just some of the highlights. I didn’t plan for this post to consist almost entirely of screen caps of David’s face, but I was laughing too hard at his facial expressions every time I hit “pause” in order to laugh at the white supremacist, so I decided to change course. Here’s the video: