bradleeAs anti-gay activists lose more and more of this culture war they started, they’re saying crazier and crazier things. Yesterday, people were astounded by Pat Robertson’s claim that San Francisco gays give people AIDS by cutting them with special rings. Now we have Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillan on Dean’s “Sons of Liberty” radio program, claiming that half of all murders in big cities are committed by gays:

They call this “astounding.” It’s truly astounding because it’s not true, and one really wonders how stupid a person would have to be to believe it, and whether such a person should be required to wear a helmet at all times.

Also, Obama is a “homo president.”

The required helmets would be for their own protection.

Of course, Bradlee Dean can’t go on the radio without crying about his failed lawsuit against Rachel Maddow, for the crime of quoting him verbatim. He refers to her as “shim,” because he thinks this makes him look like a real man.

So much whining.

As always, many thanks to Right Wing Watch for sifting through all this nonsense to find the funny parts.

[h/t Wonkette]