“Coach” Dave Daubenmire, who’s been auditioning to be Porno Pete’s understudy this year, is yet again making us laugh. Recently, he explained that his version of God is as insecure in His divine masculinity as Coach Dave is, cried as he lamented the absence of “good men” (apparently he needs a stronger male influence and is finding the pickins to be slim), and spent a few minutes bellyaching about gay Barack Obama is.

Now, he may be peaking, as he is shrieking and begging liberals to stop sodomizing him. He’s sick and tired of it, you guys. Not only that, the liberals haven taken his virtue! Ripped Coach Dave’s chastity belt right off, the liberals did.

Also, liberals are sodomizing wingnut men by ridiculing them and calling them names, which means what I’m doing right now is…Oh, dear. Wouldn’t want to do that. Before we watch the video, let’s look at some screen shots of Coach Dave during this video:


Coach Dave, doing some whining.


This is Coach Dave when he says “shoved.”



This is Coach Dave w hen he says “down our throats.”

This is Coach Dave at the end of the video, looking defeated.

This is Coach Dave at the end of the video, looking defeated.

Poor lil’ guy. The big bad liberals just can’t stop making fun of him.

Here, watch the video:

[h/t Joe]