According to this guy, he was “thinking, in his mind” about the Supreme Court cases involving marriage equality, and realized that he’s so sick of it, as Jeremy points out, that he made a twenty-one minute YouTube video about it. As he states so eloquently, “it’s not even that I necessarily disagree with the decision, which I do.” Good job, YouTuber!

Also, he seems to think that people who “believe in God” are anti-gay, while people who don’t, presumably, are pro-gay. That’s weird, since over ninety percent of Americans believe in God, and well over fifty percent of Americans support marriage equality. Go back to math school, YouTuber! He then sums up the opinions of the American Left as “blatantly, so typical, everything’s a joke.” The American educational system did wonders on this guy.

Here, waste twenty-one minutes of your life:

If you watched it, enjoy picking his arguments apart in the comments. He hilariously misunderstands the criteria for protected classes starting a bit after four minutes in.