This video is striking. If it were a story of abuse, that would be one thing, as there are horrible parents out there, and they’re not confined to any one sexual orientation. But this woman is standing before a Fundamentalist congregation, telling the story of how she was loved and nurtured by lesbian moms, and how later in life, she was mentored and loved by six women who turned out to be lesbians. There’s no abuse, at least on her mothers’ side. But somehow, because she had a Fundie father, she grew up with the idea that her parents and these women were people to be condemned (she calls it “Christian love,” but we know Fundamentalist codespeak, don’t we). She claims she was judged and felt like an outsider in her father’s church, for having lesbian parents. That’s where the abuse was, and now she is a walking example of the abused becoming the abuser.

[h/t Jeremy]