Well, this is a clear case of projection, especially when you look and sound like little Matthew Hagee, shaking a Bible around and saying things like this:

Over the July 4 holiday weekend, Matthew Hagee delivered a sermon in which he attacked the Supreme Court over its DOMA ruling, outraged that, as a result, “newspapers carried cover pages with homosexual couples kissing on the front page, requiring parents to explain to their young children why two people would engage in such behavior.”

Hagee went on to warn that there was an attempt underway to undermine faith, family, and education because people of faith know that Supreme Court rulings are only legitimate to the extent to which they agree with the Bible and because “people who are educated cannot look at two men married and say that that’s right”

Yes, that’s right. It’s liberals who are “attacking education” in this country. If only people would let the poor wingnuts destroy our schools with “creation science” and religious indoctrination.

No need to get mad, though, readers, as we all know that polls on the subject show that it’s indeed the most highly educated people in our society who are most easily able to look at at two men married and say that’s just fine with them, whereas those most opposed are the uneducated bumpkins. Why? Because education and analytical thinking are Kryptonite to fundamentalist religious belief and bigotry.

Sorry, Lil’ Hagee.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]