The National Organization for Marriage, as Jeremy points out, likes to portray itself as an organization that simply wants to “protect marriage,” and harbors no animus against gays and lesbians. Jeremy also points out that they pay Jennifer Roback Morse over $100,000 a year to spout this kind of vitriol:


Translating out of wingnut, Morse wants gay people to change their sexual orientations, but, like Linda Harvey, denies the reality of gay and lesbian people. This is not Morse’s opinion. She’s simply thinking with her bigotry as opposed to her brain. She says that “they may want very much to live a chaste life,” but the reality is that she very much wants us to live a chaste life, as if it is any of her damn business in the first place. Placing herself to the right of her Pope, she believes that gays and lesbians must “confess our temptations.” Also, if we act on them, we’re going to hell. Nope, no anti-gay animus there. Something awful must have happened to this woman somewhere along the way.

Second section:


Oh no, there is a threat, and it is the Devil, and he is coming after Jennifer Roback Morse, or something like that. You see, the Devil works in mysterious ways, by causing the Pope to occasionally say something about LGBT people that doesn’t immediately offend the decent subgroups of humanity, and this is unacceptable. Also, Jennifer Roback Morse believes that straight people should be chaste both before marriage and during marriage.

Y’all, let’s observe a moment of silence in honor of her poor husband.

The comments from Morse, by the way, come from an argument between Morse and another self-righteous wingnut — a different kind of self-righteous wingnut. When it was over, the second wingnut was like “huff huff I’m going to bed!” and Morse was like “Hrmph me too!” and then it was over. All in a day’s work for Jennifer, I guess.