Don't you just wish he was your grandpa?

Don’t you just wish he was your grandpa?

There is so much nonsensical bigoted pablum in this short clip from Bryan Fischer, it’s difficult to wade through it and pick out the high points. First of all, he has been on a tirade against the prospect of Liz Cheney becoming a Senator, since she’s not likely to be much of a bigot on social issues. This can probably be attributed to quite a few factors, such as the fact that neo-cons just don’t tend to be overly concerned with the whines of the Religious Right, but it’s also certainly partially attributable to the fact that Liz Cheney has an openly lesbian sister named Mary, and, having grown up with a gay sibling, she knows that her sister’s existence disproves everything the Religious Right says about us. Whether she would fight for those ideals as a Senator, we do not know.

And that’s what Bryan would like to address with us right now:

Fischer said that a lot of people get confused on this issue because someone they know or care about is gay, but that “is just absurd; if you’ve got a bank robber in the family, that doesn’t mean you automatically have to support bank robbing as a lifestyle choice.”

I’m no fan of the Cheneys, but it’s adorable how Bryan thinks he has more knowledge of this subject than they do. I asked my heterosexual brother to comment on this, and this is what he said:


Bryan Fischer’s entire career, rebutted by a Facebook sticker.

Bryan also has a conspiracy theory about why the Supreme Court is so dang nice to LGBT people these days:

Fischer went on to say that even the Supreme Court has “homosexual activists” working as clerks who are “strategically placed” in influential positions and that could affect the judgment of the justices on these issues.

Oh, Bryan. If more people on your side were qualified to work in such positions, there would be more of you. The difference is that when people get to know LGBT people, they support us more. When they get to know fundamentalist Christians like Bryan Fischer, they tend to support them less. Gotta give the population credit on that one…