brianbrownGrasping for straws, here’s Brian Brown’s latest panhandling missive:

“Our opponents and those in the biased media say, ‘It’s inevitable. You can’t win. Give up.’ I couldn’t disagree more! In 2008, I heard the same things when we worked on Prop 8 in California…and we WON! In 2009, I heard the same things when we worked on Question 1 in Maine…and we WON! In 2010, I heard the same things when we worked in Iowa to oust state Supreme Court justices…and we WON! In 2011, I heard the same things when we worked in New York to oust legislators who flipped on marriage and betrayed their constituents…and we WON! Showing up is more than half the battle. If you agree with me that marriage is worth fighting for, we can and will win this fight! Please make a donation today to stand up for marriage!”

Pay no attention to the fact that they lost everything in 2012. Or that the Supreme Court just handed them two big losses. Or that the only thing they’ve been able to claim as a tenuous “win” this year is the fact that the Illinois marriage bill failed to come up for a vote. And please, NOM donors, definitely do not pay attention to the fact that the last two years are not an anomaly, but rather the effects of the fact that we reached a tipping point in the past two years that has been predicted in polling for years, and that moreover, the current trends show that our wins are only going to get bigger until full equality is reached. In other word, NOM is done fer, as we like to say in the South. But, NOM donors, pleez ignore that and give us munny!