Oh, Louie. What convoluted, ignorant nonsense have you for us on this day?

Alleging that the Obama administration was attacking Christianity by threatening to prosecute those who believe that homosexuality is wrong with hate crimes laws, Gohmert wanted to know how “someone who believes in evolution … that throughout the history of the universe, and particularly Earth, that people have come together and born an offspring from different species that has evolved and given us stronger and better species, how does the mating of two males evolve the species upwards?”

As for the idea of Christians being charged with hate crimes for opposing equality, it was ludicrous Gohmert said because “we’re not haters as Christians; we’re lovers.”

Going backward:

1. I don’t really like the word “lover” when it’s in the same sentence as “Louie Gohmert.” It conjures horrific images.

2. If Louie Gohmert’s understanding of evolution is that “throughout the history of the universe, AND PARTICULARLY EARTH, that PEOPLE HAVE COME TOGETHER AND BORN AN OFFSPRING FROM DIFFERENT SPECIES that has [word salad bumpkin gibberish],” I’m quite sure we don’t need to spend time rebutting his crude misunderstanding of science and evolution.


Note that he gets laughs when he says all of these words. This is because he’s talking to people who are on his level, if you know what I mean.